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Bonjour and welcome to the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando! We offer all year long a variety of French cultural events and French language classes for adults and children at all levels -beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Whatever your motivation is (cultural, touristic, business), you will learn French language in a classroom at our Downtown Orlando facility. Our French courses are taught by French teachers in a private, semi-private or small group (up to 6 students.) format.

These features combined with reasonable pricing make our French School a unique place in Central Florida for enhancing your knowledge about France, French culture and its language. Should you be interested in learning the French language, spoken daily by 250 million people worldwide, please visit our “School” page and contact us at your earliest convenience.

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AFGO French School Updates

The newest updates from the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando's French School...

1st Week of Summer Camp

What an exciting and fun first week of camp at the Alliance Francaise! Each day we discovered a new francophone country: through a world and time travel, our campers became knights and princesses in medieval France, ...
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Discover France and its culture: Brittany (Season 2)

After the first trip to Brittany, our next season will help you discover the region better. From the beautiful city of Quimper to the alignments of Carnac, from the colorful vision of painters to the sculptures ...
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French Consul visit

Monday, June 6, 2022 From left to right: M. Le Consul Floreani, Mrs La Consule Honoraire Jensen, Mr. Loddé Président and Mrs. Oury School administrator de l'Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando Today, we had the honor ...
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2 New Beginner Classes – June 13th and June 14th

Learning or improving a foreign language is a fantastic way of getting a broader understanding of our world. Thanks to the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando, you can now have online adult French classes via Zoom. ...
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Discover France and its culture

Season 17: Brittany You want to learn more about France, its History, its Arts, its Culture, its Traditions... Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando offers you an opportunity to do so from the comfort and the security ...
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Have fun, make friends, and learn French! We are very happy to announce our 4th summer program FRENCH FUN AND LEARNING  for children ages 4 to 13. Your child will embark on a voyage to France and the Francophonie through a ...
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Our Events

The Alliance Française hosts a variety of events, at which members, non-members, and students are all welcome, along with their guests.

AFGO Event Updates

The newest updates regarding events at the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando...

June 2022 Newsletter

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May 2022 Newsletter

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Movie Night “Telle mère, telle fille” 04/23

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ACTIVITIES Fun! Fun! Fun! On March 13, AFGO monthly picnic took place at Mead Garden, as scheduled. The weather was beautiful. After a friendly potluck lunch, four pétanque teams were formed and played, and played ... ...
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Movie Night “Tout feu tout flamme”

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April 2022 Newsletter

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Student & Member Testimonials

See detailed testimonials from members, students, and parents about their experience at AFGO.

"AFGO has been an integral part of my child’s education. He’s been attending weekly private lessons since he was 5-years old. The teachers at AFGO are not only knowledgeable in language pedagogy, they also truly care for my child and his achievement. No one in our family speaks French, yet it was solely with the instruction of AFGO teachers that my child was able to learn French as his third language and pass with flying colors the French language exam offered by the Ministry of Education in France, which he tested for at Florida International University. The look on my child’s face as he proudly held in his hands his Diplôme d'études en langue Française was priceless. As a parent, I am confident that I made the right decision to enroll my child at AFGO and in a heartbeat, I would recommend them for French language instruction."

  • Melissa T.

"Mariana is 8 years old and has been at AFGO since 2019 . She is improving in many ways in French and she enjoys her class. The program offers a variety of topics that are attractive to the student.
She also likes the teaching staff. Mariana is excited to continue learning French at AFGO."
  • Martha H.

"My daughter Julianna has been a student of AFGO for more than a year.
My husband and I are proud of Julianna’s steadfast progress in her learning curve. We are pleased on how french is becoming
a second nature language for her. She is starting to speak french at home to us naturally just as she does with her Spanish and English.
We greatly appreciate the Alliance commitment and her instructor's, Ms. Caroline Flament, hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to teaching our daughter and her classmates so well and making it a wonderful experience to add this third language to Julianna."
  • Julia C.

"Nikhil started learning French about 5 months ago and is thoroughly enjoying it. He looks forward to his class and absolutely adores his teacher, Caroline Flament.  She’s been so patient, positive and kind with him as he tries to master a new language.  She’s always very prompt in communicating and offering guidance and resources.  Under Caroline’s expert teaching Nikhil has been progressing quite rapidly and we’re quite delighted!"
  • Kezia M.

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