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Read more about each of our teachers below and learn why they're passionate about teaching French!


Muriel Partridge

School Director, Webmaster, and Adult Class Teacher (Intensive and Regular Classes)

"I was born and raised in Paris. As a little girl, I would picture myself working in a circus with big cats, then came first grade, and the realization that I would be a teacher. That's how, some years later, I studied French Literature at la Sorbonne University, graduated, and saw my dream come true. For 23 years, I taught French in France to French students. It could have last forever... But life is wonderful and unpredictable, and because I am also a French published novelist, a graphic artist, and a geek, I met my loving husband, who is - guess what - a novelist, a graphic artist, a geek, and also an American. That's how I moved here, in this beautiful country that I already knew and loved very much, being used to visit it at least twice a year. I now enjoy teaching French to my American students, here at the AFGO, being the School Administrator and the Webmaster of our site. Life is all about passion, and I passionately love my job, my students, and my husband."


Kenza Wilhite

Children's Classes Coordinator, French Teacher for Children and Young Adults

I was born and raised in Fes, Morocco. I was exposed to French language very early in life since kindergarten. After high school, I went to study Pharmacy in Montpellier, France. I was totally immersed in a different culture, and I loved the experience. After my graduation, I moved to Paris and after almost 10 years in France, I went back to Morocco to start my own pharmacy. I traveled a lot in many different countries, and I loved the exposure to different cultures. Then I met my husband and here I am living in Orlando since 2006 because he is from here. I studied nutrition and coaching at IIN (institute of integrative nutrition) and I am a certified health coach. I love my life, I love meeting new people and speaking a new language, I read a lot, practice yoga and meditation. I speak 3 languages fluently: Arabic, French and English, and I would like to learn Spanish. Learning a new language is an open door to a new culture, new exchanges, and opportunities, it expands your horizon. I am passionate about teaching as much as I am about learning. My preferences go to teaching kids because I love their inner joy and sparkle, they don’t need a reason to be happy. This is something I would like to cultivate!



Agnès Bonne

French Teacher for Regular Adult Classes

"I was born in Paris and raised in Provence. Early in life I was bitten by the "travel bug", and that's how I began the journey that would drive me to Orlando. On the way, and amongst different and rich discoveries of countries and cultures, I stopped in to visit Japan for over 3 years where I taught French for TBS, Languages Schools, and the Guatemala Embassy. I have always loved languages - I speak French, English, Spanish, and Japanese - and teaching my native language, sharing it's beauty with others, and seeing my students progress is one of my most favorite things in life.  I also like sailing, canoe, swimming, outdoors activities, music, reading poems, eating crêpes, my cockatiel, my cat, my fish, and if I complete my list I will exhaust you with it! If I try to picture myself in 5 years, what I see is more teaching, more travelling, more sailing, and more people whom I can help. My secret about a fulfilling life is to find happiness in the smallest things, I stop to smell the roses."


Anne Jueng

French Teacher for Children and Young Adults

"I was born in South Vietnam and studied French since kindergarten in an all French-speaking Catholic school until 7th grade.  I immigrated with my family to the U.S. when I was 13 years old.  My love for the French language has never ceased.  From middle school through graduate school, French has been my second passion next to music.  I minored in French, and I had the opportunity to teach French to Freshman college students during my graduate studies in music at Ohio State University.

My husband and I moved to Orlando in 1986.  I am a piano teacher with my private studio and have nurtured many talented piano students.  In my opinion, music and French are mutually compatible in their tonal beauty, and they are both esthetically uplifting for the mind.  I have been a participant in Alliance Francaise since 1995.  Besides practicing the piano, teaching students and rehearsing with other musicians, I love to listen, read, write and speak French.  In teaching French lessons, I would like to add music and singing to enhance the fun of learning.

In my free time, I like to exercise, tend to my orchids and plants, and explore new cultures and their cuisine."


Caroline Flament

French Teacher for Children and Young Adults

"I grew up in Maisons-Laffitte, a city near Versailles, well-known for horse races.
At the University, I developed a passion for foreign languages after studying English, German, Spanish, and Latin.  This helped me communicate while travelling all continents, discovering new people and new cultures.
Since 2007, my family has settled in Orlando following my husband’s dream job. While embracing the American culture, I have kept sharing my French culture and language with my three children and my friends.
First, I became first my kids’ French teacher, then began volunteering in French Advanced Placement classes in High School.
Learning English has given me a better understanding of the process of teaching a foreign language. I feels as though I learn as much from students as they are learning from me, often with a lot of laughter.

Moreover, I am passionate about music, literature and the arts in general. Cooking, eating, enjoying nature and outdoor activities are also important parts of my free time."


Brandon Joyce

French Teacher for Regular and Intensive Adult Classes

"I was born in Miami, Florida and moved from Florida to North Carolina and eventually to Saint Louis, Missouri. I graduated from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri where I did a semester abroad in Caen, a city in Normandy, to study French language and culture. Upon graduation, I applied to the French Ministry of Education to work as an assistant de langues vivantes in a French high school in Cherbourg, France, teaching students how to speak English.

While there, I enjoyed excellent French food, visited the castles in the Loire Valley, traveled to Marseille in the south of France, and generally fell in love with the country of France. When I returned to the States in 2010, I accepted a position in a high school in Orange County teaching French and have enjoyed teaching students the language of Molière and the Gallic culture ever since.

In my free times, I participate in a run group in downtown Orlando, paddleboard on the many lakes and streams in the Central Florida area, frequent local coffee shops, and visit the amusement parks with friends and family. I continue to travel within the United States and abroad and have visited France several times since returning to the US. It seems that no matter where I travel be it Australia, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Arizona, or walking my dog on the streets of Orlando, I always seem to find French-speaking friends with whom to share the experience."


Cristina Melendez

French Teacher for Children

"A little about me: I was born and raised in beautiful Mexico but I am also an american citizen, and since I was a little kid, I wanted to live in France.

I fulfilled my dream thanks to an exchange program of my University in Guanajuato with Université de Caen, Normandie.

So I was living in the country of my dreams studying my passion: Literature and Linguistics. After a few months of traveling and meeting awesome people, I went back to my country and started teaching at l´Alliance Française.

I soon fell in love with the job and the fun you can have thanks to the fact that students easily become friends.

But don´t get me wrong, having fun doesn´t mean you´re not learning! In fact, I found that games are a very effective way to learn. So, join our classes and let´s learn and have fun together!"


Denise Lilette

French Teacher for Regular Adult Classes

"Born in New York City, I was raised in both New York and the Jura, France. I was educated in the two systems and have lived and worked in both countries before moving to Orlando. I love languages - I speak French and English (my native ones), a little German, but sadly have forgotten almost all my Russian. I adore teaching: sharing knowledge, cultures, and life experiences; sparking interests; the thrill of seeing someone “get it”. I have travelled a fair share, visiting England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean islands. I love my family, people, my little Jack Russell rescue, antiques, art, decorating, auctions, discovering new interests, dinner discussions, and simply getting lost... I’m a Gemini so draw your own conclusions! Music interests include Rock and Roll, the Big Bands, and French chansonniers like Brel, Brassens, Montand, Aznavour, Cabrel… I’m a diehard foodie: French cuisine of course, but basically

anything good as long as it’s not spicy. Favorite dishes include blanquette de veau, brandade de morue, chevreuil “grand veneur”, foie gras mi-cuit façon Joël Robuchon, paella, barbecued ribs, my Mom’s incredible macaroni and cheese. And let’s not forget desserts! My most interesting and valuable life  experience?  Without a doubt the international ambiance and fellowship of the Lycée Français of New York. I love being bi-cultural, a mother, a wife, and a friend. My life has taken many unexpected turns and I’m the richer for it! In my future I see many new encounters, some more travel and of course more of the same."

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Elizabeth De Rose

French Teacher for Regular and Intensive Adult Classes

"Born and raised in Washington, DC, I first fell in love with the French language in High School after studying Latin. I studied French extensively as my minor concentration at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst.

While in school, I enjoyed being a French Tutor and was thrilled to share my passion and knowledge with my students.

I later lived in Angers, France (a City southwest of Paris in the Loire Valley region) where I gained fluency and further appreciation of French culture, food, history and joie de vivre!

I continued my French studies in graduate school and have treasured my business and personal travels to Paris, most recently visiting the Stade Roland Garros to see the French Open!

I truly enjoy introducing French language and culture to new students who are ready to explore, learn and grow while having fun!  My passion is to teach others to appreciate and adopt the beauty and expressiveness of what I think is the most beautiful language in the world!"


Faiza Iles

French Teacher for Regular Adult Classes

"I was born in Algiers, the capital of Algeria and raised in Madrid, Spain where I lived for 15 years. I like to think of my life as a journey, rich and diverse: 8 years in France, 3 months in Japan, then the US where I moved in 1998. I have visited  no less than 22 countries, from Algeria to Singapore. I have enjoyed and grown with each and every experience throughout my travels.  Languages are my true passion - I speak French, English, Spanish, and a little Arabic. That's why I chose to become a teacher whereupon I began teaching at the Alliance Francaise in 2003. I find the process of teaching and learning to be symbiotic. The best part is when we can laugh at each other when we all learn together. I am very fond of music - I appreciate many different genres, and the ones I am never tired of are the opera, classical music, and movies soundtracks. In my teenage years, I dreamed of being a movie soundtrack composer. I like sports, spending time with my family and friends, my cat, my two guinea pigs, travelling to a country of a very

different culture and with a language I don’t understand, and savoring delicious dishes - my favorite ones are couscous and Rechta (an Algerian dish). One of my greatest pleasures is to enjoy traditional cuisine from around the world. In the future I see myself living in Europe with my family, studying again Classical Arabic and Japanese so that I master them as well as I do my three other languages, and continue exploring the world."


Ozlem Bostanci

French Teacher for Children and Young Adults

"I was born and raised in Belgium. We have three official languages in Belgium; Dutch, French and German. I am from the French community, so I speak French and I am originally from Turkey, I can also speak Turkish. I learned English by living in the City of Beautiful a couple years ago. My husband and I just moved back here to share our Belgian waffles with you... I love cooking! Especially desserts! I traveled a lot around the world. My favorite trip was in Japan! I love traveling, what I enjoy the most is to share experiences, expanding my culinary horizon and learn new things with curious and open-minded people. I obtained my social worker diploma and have a good experience in that area, that allows me to teach adults and children. During my studies, I studied different stimulating activities for young students and was introduced to the pedagogy and psychology of children. I love being around children, because they remind me that life is full of simple pleasures. I would love to share my French with your kids and find ways for them to learn and have fun at the same time!"


Veronique Chaubert

French Teacher for Children and Young Adults

"I was born in Switzerland, a country with four official languages : German, French, Italian and Romansh. I come from the French side, but I also speak a little German. Before moving to Orlando, I used to work in the administrative field where I was in charge of training young people to the profession of accountant.

My husband has always have a passion for the United States and when his employer offered us the opportunity to move here, we jumped on the chance. My two children are now bilingual and I make sure they keep their French too...

I love outdoor activities, playing cards, French songs and ballroom dancing.

Language is like a muscle that you have to train to keep it fit and I'm so excited to be your coach...

When it comes to children, I think that games are a very effective way to learn, so join us!"

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