French Class for Young Native Speakers

Maintain or expand the gift of bilingualism and biculturalism for your child!

Our Classes Are Led by Experienced Native French-Speaking Teachers

Our classes are designed for children of French speakers, who are enrolled in the American education system and who already understand French.

Our teachers have developed a specialized curriculum to help children build fluency and literacy. Our goal is to help our students stay fluent in French, to maintain and expand their francophone culture, and to grow up as a bilingual child. 

Our group classes for French speaking children are categorized by age group:

Bambins (Ages 4 to 6)
Gamins (Ages 7 to 11)
Ados (Ages 12+)

Children will be immersed in a French speaking environment with other students around the teacher. They will engage in playful and interactive activities through songs, videos, storytelling, and games. They will naturally expand their French speaking and comprehension. 

1 hour per week

(2 x 30 min classes)

(2 x 30 min classes)

Our classes offer a playful learning environment for strengthening French skills through activities that help students to expand reading and writing skills. Our teachers encourage conversation and interaction between French fluent students.

Our goals are to develop strong readers and reconnect them to grammar and spelling.

Students will learn how to express ideas and perspectives orally and in writing.

1 hour per week

Aider à obtenir en fin de lycée l’award  “Seal of biliteracy” (Help obtain the seal of biliteracy at the end of High School)

Our classes are designed to reinforce your teen reading and writing skills using a cultural studies approach.

Our teachers will help your child to develop lexical and grammatical skills, spelling and conjugation. Through reading and discussion of texts on a particular theme or by a certain author, students are led to develop and share their own thinking and reactions.

Oral expression is encouraged through discussion and debates, helping students to develop confidence and to take responsibility for their learning. Students will learn and use French in real-life scenarios.

The class offers a balance of study of literature, mastery of language skills, and complex writing projects.


These classes are a preparation towards: 

    • AP French and IB program. 
    • Reaching a level of French proficiency to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy* at graduation
    • Taking French tests required to pursue university studies in France

1.5 hour per week

* A Seal of Biliteracy is an award that is granted by a school, district, state or other organization. A Seal of Biliteracy recognizes that an individual has attained a certain level of proficiency in two or more languages. A Seal of Biliteracy is typically awarded in the form of a certificate and can be used as a credential to convey an individual’s proficiency in two or more languages.

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