French Tutoring

Give your child the gift of acing French at school!

Our native French teachers offer private tutoring classes for middle school and high school students in French, including IB and AP classes. We are experienced with the French curriculum in America schools, and are dedicated to help your children strive for success.

Learning French can sometimes be challenging, which is why we offer fully customizable lessons based on children’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Our tutoring sessions are 45 minutes and can be arranged based on your child’s school schedule.
  • Last-minute scheduling is offered according to teachers’ availability.

We create individualized learning plans with the following methods:

  • By reviewing lessons and homework

  • By focusing on conjugation, grammar, and spelling

  • By preparing for exams

  • By developing French study skills

Ready to Get Started?

You can fill out our online form now to register as a student at AFGO and start signing up for classes. It's quick, secure, and easy!

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