French Exam Prep (AP, SAT, IB)

Instructors Balance Students' Unique Needs and Testing Requirements

Our French teachers prepare your children for the IB, AP and French SAT subject tests. In order to meet testing expectations, we adapt our approach to the books and methods chosen by the students' High School. This is an intensive program with minimum 90 minutes per week.

Our tailor-made lessons are created to meet each student’s personal needs and path to success, within official guidelines and requirements.

  • We strengthen student mastery of vocabulary, grammar, written and oral skills.
  • We enhance their abilities by providing them with additional tools: books, CD's, computer-based resources, press articles, and many others.
  • We facilitate participation in activities, written, oral, and auditory, consistent with the Program of Studies and the exam requirements.

AP Exam Prep

SAT Exam Prep

IB Exam Prep

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