French Classes at AFGO

Welcome to the AFGO French School, a unique learning center...

What Sets AFGO's French Classes Apart?

The AFGO French school is unique in Central Florida for the following reasons:

  • 1

    Comprehensive Approach

    We provide in-depth learning of the French language including its structure, its rules, and its architecture so that our students master it with a foundation, as opposed to superficial approaches that claim you don't need to learn grammar or vocabulary to become fluent.

  • 2

    Classes for All Ages and Abilities

    We offer French at all levels, from absolute beginners to the very advanced. If you're not sure what your level of proficiency is, we'll gladly help you determine that. 

  • 3

    Planning to Succeed

    At the beginning of each class, or through a preliminary interview, we gather information on the objectives and needs of each student in order to help them achieve their goals.

  • 4

    Different Class Formats

    Our class sessions are organized all year round on the basis of the availability of our students combined with the flexibility of our teachers. We offer private classes, semi private (2 students), and group classes.

  • 5

    Small Classes

    Group classes are composed of a minimum of 4 students and generally do not exceed 6 students. Therefore, AFGO teaching is very intensive and personalized; our teachers are capable of recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and of creating dynamic action based interactive activities within the groups.

  • 6

    Expert Instructors

    All our teachers are native French speakers, or are experts of French with a deep knowledge of the French language, vast teaching experience, correct pronunciation, and are able to provide cultural references.

  • 7

    Flexible Scheduling

    We supply flexibility in our course schedules in order to meet the personal needs of our students including work, family, or foreseeable events.

  • 8

    Proven Methods

    For adults, most of our classes are organized  on the basis of the progression defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • 9

    Varied Tools & Resources

    Depending on the level of our students, we use a large variety of learning tools: bilingual or French only books, CDs, computer based resources, and many more.


Classes and Exam Prep for Teens

We provide courses for teenagers from age 10 to 17, including tutoring for the International Baccalaureate (I.B.), and preparation for S.A.T. and A.P. exams.

  • 11

    Classes for Young Children

    We also offer courses for young children from age 4 to 9, based on the approach: "Learn French while having fun".

  • 12

    Conveniently Located

    Our office is conveniently located close to downtown Orlando, with easy access and parking.

  • Class Pricing & Registration

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  • School Policies

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  • AFGO's Teachers

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Learning another language is not only an investment by individuals with a specific goal (tourism, business, general culture, etc.), it also allows the mind to discover new ways to communicate with people in various parts of the world.


Additional Important Information

  • Student Benefits

    All our students enjoy similar benefits as AFGO Association Members and are encouraged to participate in our cultural activities (picnics, movie nights, crêpe party, celebrations, etc). They are also welcome to borrow French classical and modern literature books from our library!

  • Exams not currently offered at AFGO

    The Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando is not offering the TCF, TEF, DELF, and DALF exams. Please contact the Alliance Francaise of Atlanta.

  • Location of Classes

    All classes - groups, private, semi-private and conversational sessions - take place at the AFGO office located at 1516 East Colonial Drive, Suite 120, Orlando FL 32803. Parking and entrance are both located at the rear of the building off Hillcrest Street. For more information, please contact the AFGO through our contact page or by phone at 407-895-1300.

Ready to Get Started?

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