3rd and 4th week of Summer Camp – So much fun and discoveries !!!

During these past two weeks at the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando, our kids traveled to some of the most beautiful and well-known French-speaking countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. But they also discovered other unexpected yet fascinating countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Martinique. They tasted their food and learned their rich traditions.
This French camp has helped our students learn the language and open their horizons using the most powerful tool: imagination!

Thank you to our amazing teachers Kenza, Véronique, Ozlem, Cristina, and Nephtys who organized, prepared, and animated with passion and dynamism these 4 weeks of summer camps. They took our little campers on many adventures, made them laugh, and allowed them to travel far away each day while staying in Orlando.

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