Discover France and its Culture: The Limousin Region

Limousin region landscape

After a long tour in Poitou-Charentes, our two next seasons will take you to Limousin. From the large space of Plateau des Mille Vaches, to the historical city of Limoges, from the peaceful limousine ewes to the terrible Beast of Limousin, from porcelain to enamel, from Aubusson tapestry to the local dances, from the traditional processions to the dark hours of World War Two in Oradour-sur-Glane, from delicious recipes to food fairs, you will discover the stories and the History of the province.

Each conference lasts two hours. The program takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, Fridays in English, Saturdays in French. 

The first conference of our twenty-first season will be held on Friday, November the 25th at 6:00 pm.

The cost for a session of 5 conferences has increased and is now $ 60. But you can in fact decide to take advantage of the bilingualism of our program to improve your French or your English; and register, for the same price, for the full session of 10 conferences. 

If you prefer to select specific conferences, the pricing is then $ 18 per conference, with still the option of attending the same conference in English and in French, with no increase in the price.

Here is the schedule for the new five conferences of Season 21:

November 25th and 26th 2022
Limousin Region

– General Presentation
– Landscapes and Climate
– Fauna and Flora
– History of the Region

Village de Turenne


December 2nd and 3rd 2022
– A capital city
– General Presentation
– History

December 9th and 10th
Limoges Enamels

– A traditional Art
– Visit to the Fines Art Museum of Limoges

Limoges Enamels

Limoges Porcelain

December 16th and 17th 2022
Limoges Porcelain
– General Presentation
– Limoges Porcelain
– Visit of the Adrien Dubouché Museum

January 6th and 7th
Limousin Traditions

– Ostentations, traditional Pilgrimages
– Regional Costumes of Limousin
– Music and Dances of Limousin

inside the Limoges cathedral

And to give you a preview of Season 22, here are the 5 themes selected:  January 13-14, 2023: Plateau des Mille Vaches / January 20-21, 2023: Oradour-sur-Glane / January 27-28 2023: Aubusson Tapestry / February 3-4, 2023: Legends and Tales of Limousin / February 10-11, 2023: Pleasures of the table in Limousin

Visit our website to discover what topics will be covered during the weekly conferences from November on through 2022 and beyond.

If you are new to our conferences, to pre-register please contact our teacher in charge,
Muriel Partridge, by sending her an email:

Upon receipt, she will give you her direct phone contact as well as payment information and answer any questions you may have.

If you are a returning participant, please send your payment the same way you did for the first sessions of five conferences.

We look forward to taking you on an extraordinary journey!

Muriel Pat

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