You want to learn more about France, its History, its Arts, its Culture, its Traditions… Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando offers you an opportunity to do so from the comfort and the security of your home with its new online Zoom conferences.

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey through centuries, visiting French cities, regions, gardens, menageries, world fairs… Learn about the genesis of modern techniques, avionic, automobile… Follow the paths of great scientists, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie… Share the daily life of kings in Versailles, enjoy the cuisine they used to savor, and the beauty of the French art of the table… Use all of your senses, admire the art of painters, the skill of sculptors like Bartholdi, discover the history of perfumes… Enter the intimacy of French national figures: Joanne of Arc, Marie-Antoinette… Take part of the lavish existence of our kings’ favorites…

We have so many enthralling stories to share with you.

After having visited Paris, our next season will take you on a tour of Ile de France. From Versailles to Chartres, from Royaumont to Provins, you will discover castles, basilicas, abbeys, cathedrals and cities…

Each conference lasts one hour.

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