Movie Night, Pierrot Le Fou

Despite a persistent pandemic environment, the Alliance Française of Greater Orlando is ramping up its social activities and events that were paused in 2020.

We are proud to restart our movie nights on January 29th with our first movie dedicated to French’s beloved actor Jean-Paul Belmondo: “Pierrot le fou”.

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, music by Antoine Duhamel, and released in 1965, “Pierrot le fou” is hailed as Jean-Luc Godard’s most popular film after “Breathless”.

Uninterested in his wife Maria (Graziella Galvani), Ferdinand (Jean-Paul Belmondo) wearies of his stagnant life. But when the couple hires an enigmatic babysitter Marianne (Anna Karina), Ferdinand falls in love with her and abandons his family. He soon discovers that his mistress is not who she seems. Pursued by foreign thugs, Ferdinand and Marianne steal a car and embark on a crime spree through the French countryside all the way to the Mediterranean.

Event details:

  • Event starts at 6:30 pm at AFGO, located at 1516 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803
  • MANDATORY RESERVATION to maintain proper social distancing. Capacity is limited so don’t waitto book the event at:
  • Free admission for AFGO members and students
  • Non-members can buy AFGO membership at the event or, will be charged a $5 per person uponadmission to the venue
  • Potluck dinner, with sodas/water offered by AFGO, followed by the projection of a French moviesubtitled in English
  • Social distancing will be applied. Masks will be strictly required at all times but can be loweredbriefly when eating or drinking. Requirements for this event might evolve as the health situation does.
Pierrot le fou
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