September Movie Night – La Piscine

Our next movie night will take place on Saturday September 23, starting at 6:30 pm with a potluck dinner, in AFGO’s office at 1516 E. Colonial Dr., suite 120, Orlando, FL 32803. Parking and entrance at the back of the building.

This month, we offer a French film named “La Piscine”, or “The Swimming Pool”, subtitled in English.

  • Director: Jacques Deray
  • Main actors: Alain Delon, Romi Schneider, Maurice Ronet, Jane Birkin

Lazily tanning themselves and splashing around in a grand swimming pool in a villa that overlooks the French Riviera landscape, Jean-Paul (Delon) and his girlfriend (Schneider) have no definite plans for their summer.

Jean-Paul is a would-be writer who has acquiesced to the disappointments in life by taking a job at an ad agency. Marianne, who was once a successful journalist, is now between jobs and has taken to lounging around on what seems a permanent vacation.

Their idyllic lives are interrupted by the sudden arrival of their longtime friend Harry (Maurice Ronet). Harry has brought along his 18-year-old daughter Penelope (Jane Birkin) and the four settle down for what is expected to be a simple stay-over.

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