Due to Mother’s Day, our monthly picnic took place early last month (May 7). However it was a successful one, with an attendance in excess of seventy people, enjoying nice weather. After a great potluck, a group of adults played the “pétanque” ballgame until 7 pm, while children were enjoying the Splish Splash party.

This month’s picnic will take place on Sunday, June 11, at Mead Botanical Garden (Winter Park), as usual, starting at 12:30 pm with the traditional potluck lunch followed by “pétanque” games.

As far as our French language school is concerned, most of the courses and special programs will continue during June and July. However, there will be a pause of a few weeks as far as the Saturday activities for young kids are concerned.

Three weeks of summer camp are scheduled in June; then two weeks at the end of July. For details please consult Delphine, our School Administrator, at: thecours2francais@gmail.com.

Despite the vacation period, the “Discover France and its Culture” lectures continue. The first conference of season 25, mostly directed to the Alps, started on May 26 and will end on June 24. It will be followed by season 26 (Grenoble, Lyon, Le Bourget, Aix-les-Bains) starting on June 30th. For more details, please consult Muriel Partridge at: murieldebevere@yahoo.fr.

Now let’s talk about movies. We are pleased to announce that this month’s movie night will take place on Saturday, June 24, with a potluck dinner followed by the projection of a French movie subtitled in English.

Finally, we want to inform you that we have started to fully reorganize our libraries of books for kids and adults. In the fall, we will provide you with a lot of details about this project.


Practically all of us have experienced suspicious phone calls. Hereunder, we list three signs to help you detect that you are being scammed:

  1. You’re told to act immediately.
  2. They ask you for your personal info or codes.
  3. You are asked to pay in an unusual way: wire transfer, gift card codes, or payment apps.
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